About Us

About Carloboard

We are a handmade longboards company from Lithuania. Our boards are made with passion, love and most importantly 100% handwork. We are making longboards according to clients needs – customers can choose a longboard style, design or create a fully individual longboard!

All our boards are completely 100% customizable!!! Do you want to change the color/graphic or add something else on the board? You want to buy our board with other grip tape? Not a problem. Just contact us  and we will make it!


Product Guide


Our boards are made only using high quality materials, boards are checked and tested by the professionals.


We use various brand trucks considering to client needs. All trucks quality and durability are tested.


We can offer you different brand, colour, diameter, durometer wheels. Bearings are also selectable.

Our Team

Age: February 2, 2000 Setup: Carloboard deck, Shark wheels Where do you live: Morocco, Agadr Best song for training: 7elmt ado 3 Favorite...
Antoine Jin
Antoine Jin
Age : September 26, 1999 Setup : Carloboard deck, Paris Trucks V3, Oragatang Fat Free Where do you live : Paris, France Best song for training...
Gubgib Phanchi
Gubgib Phanchi
Age: 3 Oct 1995 Setup: Carloboard deck, Caliber II Fifty 10" Trucks, Orangatang Fat Free 65mm 83a Where do you live: Chiangmai,Thailand Best...
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