“Carroll’s Cat” 2021 Dancing Longboard Deck


Length: 106cm(42inches); 111cm(44inches);116(46inches) optionally
Width: 24cm (9.25 inches)
Flex: Soft,Medium,Stiff optionally
Concave: Radial
Construction: Pro model: Bamboo/carbon/maple/fiberglass
Kicktail: Twin kicktails
Grip: Grip tape made in Europe
Graphics: Print

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The stunning “Cat” dancing-freestyle longboard features an awesome pattern combined with the instantly recognizable mischievous grin that glows in the dark.
Ideal for night rides. The board is “charged” either by sunlight or any other light source.
Available in three different lengths, with soft, medium or stiff flex to choose from.You can choose from 3 different board construction.
With a radial concave, 24 cm wide, this fantastic board is built to last.
Guaranteeing a stable, smooth and fast ride with great response and durability that won’t let you down.
With an affordable price and free international shipping, it’s an offer you can’t refuse!

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3'5", 4'5", 5'3"


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