Dancing Freestyle Longboard Deck “Predator”


Length: 106cm(42inches); 111cm(44inches);116(46inches) optionally
Width: 25cm (9.5 inches)
Flex: Soft,Medium,Stiff optionally
Concave: Radial
Construction: Pro model: Bamboo/carbon/maple/fiberglass
Kicktail: Twin kicktails
Grip: Grip tape made in Europe
Graphics: Print

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If you’re looking for a handmade longboard with a unique aggressive design that stands out from everyone else in the food chain, the Predator dancing freestyle longboard has you covered. Fantastic board offers outstanding strength and flexibility for all riding conditions.

Designed with dancing and freestyling in mind, the Predator delivers fantastic performance and smooth riding no matter where you take it.
A perfect combination of sturdy construction and unique visual design, this awesome board will not let you down.
Highly customizable, with an affordable price and free international shipping, Predator is truly a deal that is hard to ignore!

All of our boards are completely 100% customizable.
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3'5", 4'5", 5'3"


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