“Museum park” Le_Alien Pro Model Dancing Freestyle Longboard Deck


Length: 106cm(42inches); 111cm(44inches);116(46inches) optionally
Width: 24cm (9.25 inches)
Flex: Soft ,Medium, Stiff optionally
Concave: Radial
Construction: Pro model: Bamboo/maple/fiberglass, triaxal fiber glass, stronger edges and tails
Kicktail: Twin kicktails
Grip: Grip tape made in Europe
Graphics: Print

Maple and fiberglass deck



  • Choose length

    Choose flex

    Add trucks?


    Add wheels?

    Add bearings 

    Add Hardware?


Our rider Le Alien pro model deck, dedicated to the legendary spot of Rotterdam “Museum Park”
Spot gone, but not forgotten
Deck top graphics is an original two guys handrawing,  scanned and printed on the deck
Deck bottom graphics is an original “Museum Park” photo from bird view, Le_alien tattoo and some freedom symbols 🙂
Are strong, are very good for freestyle tricks, ,has a nice shape, high level tails  and has a stronger edges and tails.

Available in three different lengths, with soft, medium or stiff flex to choose from.
Extra option “Skid plate” which safes tails for a longer time.
Our “Maple” Series deck was created for riders who love dancing  on board and it was tested by  our pro riders.

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3'5", 4'5", 5'3"


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